Kim Kardashian Wants To Hug Jessica Simpson's Curves

Posted by Kenneth Herzog at 1:39 PM Jan 29, 2009

By Kenny Herzog


Even though Jessica Simpson is looking more like Selma Bouvier these days, siblings and other celebrities are coming out in droves to embrace all 52 inches of her suddenly expanded waistline. First, we had new-mom Ashlee delivering a less-than-groundbreaking state-of-tabloid-culture address on behalf of her big (no pun intended) sis.

Now, Kim Kardashian is stepping up to the plate, telling People that she thinks Jess looks fab-o-rama and "being super skinny just isn't attractive to me." And surely, not at all taking her publicist's advice that this story is ideal for her to comment on as a fellow full-figured lady, thus keeping her name in the papers as well.

Only difference, Kimbo slice, is you're Armenian, and blessed with a naturally curvacious anatomy that makes sense for your size and proportions. Jess is just a little itty bitto Anglo whose clearly been spending too much time at country cookouts during her current stint as a Nashville wannabe.


lou-bert vs. q-bert said:

A porn star defends Jessica Simpson's fat while millions are currently losing all of their jobs and waiting on lines in understocked food pantries to get a few cans of beans.

Obama is so fucked.

Anonymous said:

ifuck kim pls

ella said:

du amot cunes kim kardishjan he he he he neger enger lav

Anonymous said:

this is a realy boost up picture for me

boobs said:

danmm i wanne fuck her

outlet said:

paris hilton was busted with cocaine haha servers her right

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