Jennifer Aniston Will Only Get White-Collar Naked

Posted by Kenneth Herzog at 5:32 PM Jan 29, 2009

By Kenny Herzog


The rumor runnin' round the old cherry-blossom tree today is that Jennifer Aniston turned down $4 million dollars, with built-in sales incentives to pose for Playboy. Because the Viagranator himself, Hugh Hefner, dug her semi-nude airbrush fest in GQ late last year.

Of course, the news that Hughey missed is that the former Mrs. Brad Pitt will apparently only undress under the naughty guise of faux-sophisticition. Hence the subtly positioned tie around her abusively spray-tanned frame.

And am I the only one who occasionally stares at tabloid covers of America's reigning sweetheart and wonders how we come to romanticize one-time desperate Hollywood scream queens so quickly?

(And as an aside, notice how blatantly that hyper-linked trailer for Leprechaun rips off the promotional campaign for cult classic Evil Dead.)


LYT said:

She got naked in The Good Girl, which wasn't exactly a big studio flick.

Freeze frame is your friend.

lou-bert vs. q-bert said:

I am glad I am not the only one who sees how heavily photoshopped and airbrushed those pictures are.

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