Elizabeth Hasselbeck To Have Third Demon Spawn

Posted by Kenneth Herzog at 2:07 PM Jan 29, 2009

By Kenny Herzog


How is it that countless wonderful would-be mothers struggle with the ability to conceive life out their uterus, but conservative media monster Elizabeth Hasselbeck has successfully germinated a hat trick of fetuses?

Yep, that's right. As broken by People, the View co-host/poor woman's Ann Coulter and her second-string former pro-quarterback hubby Matt are expecting their third bundle of Republican afterbirth on August 3.

And with its delivery, her plan for right-wing world domination via a litter of left-bashing kin will be complete.


paul said:

I rather have my wife have a demon child than a monkey Democrat baby

www.nikeblazers1.webs.com/ said:

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