Awesome Celebrity Birthday Of The Day: Gene Hackman

Posted by Kenneth Herzog at 10:00 AM Jan 30, 2009

By Kenny Herzog

Welcome to one of NCDSUV's favorite daily features, where we acknowledge another turn of the calendar for a member of Hollywood land, even if it's a celebrity who often goes overlooked by the rest of the blogosphere, and regardless of whether we have a huge affinity for their body of work.

we did some private investigating and discovered Tom Selleck turned 64, and today we made good on our French connections and unearthed it to be the big day for a guy with great acting genes who's anything but a hack.

Today's Awesome Celebrity Birthday Belongs To:
Gene Hackman
Age: 79
Why He's Sort Of Awesome: You ever see Prime Cut? You should. And not just because Sissy Spacek is naked in virtually every other scene. Well, OK, maybe that's the preeminent motivator. But Gene also delivers a performance that's both vintage and well-aged Hackman all rolled into one slimy Southern prostitute-smuggler. It's the equivalent of how early Jack Nicholson roles in Five Easy Pieces and Carnal  Knowledge are still weirdly the best encapsualtion of his charismatically vicious screen presence. So yeah, check that shit out.
Most Likely Celebrity Status 20 Birthdays From Now: Hackman is going to party like he's both 19 and 99, swilling shots of whiskey with the cast of The Replacements from the bed in his convalescent home. And telling stories about the time he and Hugh Grant got into an intense game of "Pass The Macademia Nut" on the set of Extreme Measures. We have no idea what that means either. Hell, the guy's senile.
All Apologies To: Christian Bale, Vanessa Redgrave, Andy Milonakis, Wilmer Valderrama, Phil Collins
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lou-bert vs. q-bert said:

All right! You picked my favorite actor from my favorite movie, "The French Connection!" But how could you not point out his most prominent role as Popeye Doyle? Gene's portrayal set the standard for all rebellious cop movie characters for years to follow, with all due respect to Dirty Harry.

Kenny Herzog said:

You didn't catch the sly reference to it in the lede of the piece? :)

lou-bert vs. q-bert said:

Wow, I'm slow, a combination of proud recognition of my favorite actor and a shitty week.

psych spoilers said:

What else did Gene Hackman do in the entertainment-movie industry? I'm curious, I already forgot some. said:

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