The Michelle Obama Decree: (A Wardrobe) Change Can And Should Happen

Posted by Kenneth Herzog at 2:45 PM Nov 05, 2008

By Lora Kolodny

Nobody told me it was going to be a themed Election Night party, but the Family Obama dressed–most adorably–in costume reminiscent of either a Black Widow spider or Les Miserables. It’s hard to say which.

The kids and President-Elect were clean cut and simple. We were glad Barack went for a bold, red-striped necktie (instead of one of these), even though he normally doesn’t prefer to wear them.

But M’Obama, heretofore known as Michelle Obama, certainly evoked the strength and agility of a deadly spider with her black-and-red-splashed, hourglass-shaped dress, ushering in a new era in American Politics. Adios expensive pant-suited first ladies, nee former democratic frontrunners.

Hillary Clinton was curiously absent from media coverage last night, so we don’t even know what she wore. Pajamas, a blanket and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby?

It’s also possible the whole Obama family was running around singing “Red, a world about to dawn! Black, the night that ends at last!” from the aforementioned Claude Michel Schonberg/ Herbert Kretzmer-penned musical before hitting the stage.

Although now that the electoral votes are in and counted, the popular vote will still likely show: America likes Michelle Obama better in Donna Rico or J.Crew. Or in other words, real-woman, affordable, stylish clothing that is both feminine and sporty, rather than the riskier, splashy number she wore the night yes we can became yes we did.


Lito said:

Nice work, Lora. I loved M'Obama's dress, personally.

Anonymous said:

I'd have to agree- that dress is Prada level stunning. I wonder who did it?

Lora Kolodny said:

It was Narciso Rodriguez.

Thomas Armstrong said:

HRC "wore... a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby?!" How did you come up with that and why are you not at the desk next to Jon Stewart? Wonder what the hourglass signifies...

Sally J. said:

Me? I'm more excited about the new Obama puppy. Woo hoo! But then I'm not much of a fashion maven.

P.S. Zing! Ouch! On the Chubby Hubby comment.

magicdot said: least there wasn't a 100,000$ worth of clothing on parade like the Republicans..

Anonymous said:

hmm I wonder - the people speaking negatively on dress are they not happen about the election. Get over it!!! It's time to come together and stop all of this childishness. She and her family were color coordinated and they all LOOKED FABULOUS... Now let's start discussing some serious issues!!!!

Adrian T. said:

It's not about that! Check out this site's name and you know it's all about funny. As far as the dress, I thought it was too flashy. It's by some famous designer, stuck out like a sore thumb, and was a bit inappropriate. If she was winning an award, maybe.

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