The Band (AKA Eric Violette) Sucks

Posted by Kenneth Herzog at 1:45 PM Oct 17, 2008

By Kenny Herzog

When I saw the initial ad, featuring a guy in a silly pirate outfit plucking a ditty about getting his credit hacked, resulting in a dead-end job at a themed seafood restaurant, I was confused and relatively amused.

However, three subpar emulations of hipster Volkswagen ads in the vernacular of some acoustic alt-hip-hop band later, and I'm getting overwhelmed by that icky, "You guys are giving white people a bad name" feeling. These things are a step away from the cringeworthy cultural dilution experiment that was last decade's Flinstones/Fruity Pebbles rap ads.

And while the brainchild of whatever ad agency in some glass-paned New York high rise, the campaign is the performative love baby of French-Canadian actor/comedian Eric Violette, who appears to be our neighbor to the north's equivalent of Dane Cook, but with a guitar and nasally singing. Hm, suddenly I'm kind of thinking My Best Friend's Girl may not be so bad.

You may be a dead ringer for ex-Blink 182 frontman Mark Hoppus, Mr. Violette, but your shtick is like Cake-meets-every frat boy's idea of what the Beastie Boys sounds like, as performed on the Grand Ole Opry. And the fucking thing isn't even really free. That is why you, your ads and their failed attempt at quirky-yet-postmodern schilling suck.


Barbara said:

These ads are hilarious and catchy. It's not supposed to be great music. It's a basic commercial jingle taken to sequels, and the ads are a cult hit. They're certainly more entertaining than many of the shows surrounding them.

Frosteetoes said:

That's not Eric Violette singing. That voice is dubbed in because Eric has a thick French/Canadian accent.

Jeff said:

I hate those commercials so much. I hope goes out of business just so I never have to listen to that crap ever again.

ronnjy fredde said:

Eric Violette should have to be responsible for the fraudulent advertising he promotes. What an ass sucker

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