Sarah Palin My Six-Pack, Michelle Obama Is A Hottie

Posted at 1:15 PM Oct 08, 2008

By Kenny Herzog


By now we've all offered our two cents (more like 69 cents, eh? eh?) about Sarah Palin being hatefully fuckable. But what finally dawned on me during last night's debates was the powerful sexuality exuded by Michelle Obama.

It's like she has the rugged, intelligent, all-business maturity of my beloved Hannah Storm, with the visceral hormonal magnetism of Pam Grier. And, upon further observation, has an almost elegantly beautiful face.

So, while I've drawn fairly clear lines as to which presidential candidate I'll be voting for in a few weeks, I've made an even more important partisan decision this fall. If I'm going to have a strange, MILF-y compulsion toward a female that's crucial to the race, I may as well opt for the one who's value system and personal vernacular wouldn't have me bleaching my soul after a one-night tryst.


Rock Lobsta said:

LMAO! So true. I'd grudge fuck Palin back to the stoneage and kick her crazy ass into the Bering Sea afterwards. M.Obama's got it going on. We all know who's getting good loving at night, and it ain't Cindy McCain - who, If I was over 50 I'd also bang the crap out of.

Kenny Herzog said:

I meant to tangentially include Cindy in this discussion. But I got distracted by tuning up my acoustic cover of Guns N' Roses' "My Michelle" in honor of sweet, sweet Mrs. Obama (aka future first lady).

D.L. said:

You are so right on about Mrs. Obama. I was already going to vote for Senator Obama, but once I caught a shot of Mrs. Obama's full round booty, the deal was sealed!

Anonymous said:

i'm glad i'm not the only one who sees that michelle obama is the most bangable politician i've ever laid eyes on...and sarah palin needs to get it too!! i'm loving the milf overload!!

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